Through excellence, the Chambers of Commerce, around the world, are a symbol of the market economy and their autonomy suggest the economic freedom of each participant which contributes of the making of the commercial landscape.

After World War II, when the economic climate changed in Romania and command economy was adopted, these institutions were closed.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, re-established by the law no. 139/1990 and GD 799/1990, continued the tradition of the previous Chamber and through its activity wants to lead the economic development.

Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an associative, autonomous, non-governmental organization of public interest and public utility, apolitical, without patrimonial purpose, nonprofit, legal person, established in order to represent, protect and support the interests of its members and those of the Brasov business community with regard to the national and international authorities and bodies.

The institution’s purpose is to promote the interests of the members, in order to develop Brasov’s commerce and industry and to support the merchants in their relation with local authorities and from abroad.

When the Chamber of Commerce restarted its activity in 1990, it was necessary to find a location and to hire competent personnel, because the law which allowed the re-establishing of the chambers did not mention that the old locations of the chambers should be reinstated. After years of efforts Brasov’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Fagaras branch managed to find new and modern locations that allowed them to conduct their activity.

Now, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents the interest of over 20.000 merchants with activities in various economic fields.

In the last years the economic climate has changed very much, the transfer from a centralized economy to a free economy, required a lot of effort from all the factors involved.

In the 25 years of recent activity, through its specialized departments, the Chamber ensured support in economic, financial and commercial domains. The information given were diverse: commercial legislation, foreign trade operations, economic statistics, economic documentation from abroad, business opportunities, assistance in participating at internal and external trades and fairs. Also, consultancy and assistance were given for elaborating projects, business plans, feasibility studies and projects for accessing grant funds, firm starts and changing constitutive documents, protection of intellectual property, quality management system’s certification and environment management. Seminars, symposiums, thematic fairs and economic missions were organized.

The portfolio of the Chamber include: news site – news.ccibv.ro, weekly newsletter and website www.ccibv.ro, the purpose of these is to inform the members about the activity and the actions of the Chamber.

Every year, Brasov’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes two main business events: The County Top – an important and serious competition between the firms with the best economic and financial results and Brasov’s Business Awards - event that highlights the firms which invested in performance and excellency, also having a modern management.

Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a branch in Fagaras, highly active in supporting the merchants in the surrounding area.
Also, the merchants have litigations, these are solved through commercial arbitration offered by the Court of the Commercial Arbitration and the final decision pronounced by this court has the same effects of those pronounced by judges.

The Chamber was also involved in giving consultancy and assistance to Brasov’s firms in order to access internal and external financing through the Consultancy Center which was founded with financial assistance from the Government.

Given the purpose established, in order to efficiently promote the businesses and to protect the free circulation of the goods, the Chamber developed the activity of consultancy in industrial property in order to obtain protection for geographic trademarks, industrial design and maintaining protection titles.

Brasov Chamber of Commerce organizes a wide range of authorized courses which ensures a highly qualified work force according with present economic demands.

The rapid development of the modern communication networks, e-commerce, e-mail and internet, demanded the urgent and constant adjustment of the IT system of the Chamber, in order to promote as efficient as possible the business environment in the world.
Given the economic reality in Romania, in order to renew and strengthen the business relations between Brasov’s merchants and the merchants around the world, Brasov Chamber of Commerce initialized a series of cooperation agreements with similar institutes around the world: with Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Great Britain, Chambers from Gÿor, Strasbourg, Tours, Nürnberg, Vienna, New South Wales - Australia and Industry Association from Singapore.

The Chamber was actively involved, along with other institutes, in defending the business man’s interests, in elaborating decisions of the local authorities, and inside the Chamber System various actions were performed in order to inform the President, Parliament and Government about the problems encountered by medium and small enterprises. In order to inform the merchants about economic development, financing programs, weekly press conferences were organized, along with debates, fairs and trades, courses and statistical analyzes.

Given the economic reality in Romania and the fact that notions like globalizations and worldwide businesses are used on a daily bases, the Chambers around the world need to strengthen more than ever the relations with the institutes involved in economy, in order to sustain the businessman’s point of view.

2015 – Anniversary year
In 2015 we celebrate 165 years from the founding of Brasov’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in 1850, through imperial decree of Emperor Franz Iosef.
In 2015, we also celebrate 25 years from the re-establishing of the activity of the Chamber by laws no. 139 / 1990 and 335 / 2007.